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Industrial Noise Monitoring and Control

This range of noise monitors and noise warning signs are for use in factories and other industrial sites. Their purpose is to either warn staff that the noise levels are high or to monitor the long term noise levels. The noise signs are particularly useful in places where the noise levels are not constant. Maybe machinery isn't running all the time, or the sound levels vary depending on the materials being processed. The more advanced noise signs and the noise processor have data logging for long term assessment and can be linked in to an existing process control system using the 4-20mA current loop output or the 0-10V DC output.

Occupational Noise Risk Assessment

Noise warning signs and monitoring systems should be used in addition to a full occupational noise survey and risk assessment. These units are ideal for warning staff that it is time to take action to reduce exposure and for the long term monitoring of sound levels. However, it is important that you carry out a full noise assessment in addition to this, using a hand-held sound level meter or noise dosimeter. Please visit our Occupational Noise page for more information.