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Integrating Sound Level meter

New integrating sound level meter

The new Class 2 Integrating Sound Level Meter is now available.

Choosing a sound level meter has always been made difficult by the multitude of functions that are usually fitted. This new meter, order code CEL244, was purpose designed to measure the necessary parameters but be simple to use.

Like most users, you probably pick up a sound level meter once in a while and need to be able to use it without referring to the manual every time. The CEL244 is as good for this type of use as it is for everyday use. There is no complicated setup procedure to worry about, and it remembers whatever setting you use.

You press Start, wait for the level to settle and press Stop.

The CEL244 Integrating Sound Level Meter has a low price (see regional distributor links below). For many applications you should also have a Calibrator and we have a special offer on at the moment. If you use order code CEL244-K to order the meter, calibrator and case at the same time the price is discounted.

There is an option to upgrade this instrument to have data logging.