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Integrating Combination Kit for Occupational Noise

Integrating Meter and doseBadges
Integrating Meter and doseBadges
Integrating Meter and doseBadges doseBadge Pro Integrating Sound Level Meter

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CAD $5484.00
Combination kit with 1 doseBadge and a CR162B Sound Level Meter
In stock

CAD $6885.00
Combination kit with 2 doseBadges and a CR162B Sound Level Meter
In stock

CAD $8291.00
Combination kit with 3 doseBadges and a CR162B Sound Level Meter
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CAD $11096.00
Combination kit with 5 doseBadges and a CR162B Sound Level Meter
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CAD $5484.00
Combination kit with 1 doseBadge and a CR162B Sound Level Meter
In stock

CAD $8291.00
Combination kit with 3 doseBadges and a CR162B Sound Level Meter
In stock



  • Assessing mobile and stationary workers
  • Full occupational noise survey using sound level meter
  • Detailed noise at work assessment using doseBadges


The Integrating Combination Kit is ideal for applications with highly mobile workers and for stationary applications too. The doseBadges are ideal when monitoring workers who move around between many different noisy locations, or who are in areas where measurements with a sound level meter is difficult or unsafe.

The CR162B Integrating Sound Level Meter can be used to carry out a full and detailed assessment. A hand-held meter such as this is also convenient for assessing situations where workers are relatively stationary.

Data Logging

The doseBadge Noise Dosimeters included in this kit are the Professional version so they include data logging, detailed Time History and real-time Octave Band Filters. You can leave them unattended on the worker and download the measurements at the end of the working shift. The time history can be used to create graphical reports that clearly show the noisier times of day.

The CR162B is a data logging sound level meter, storing the cumulative values such as Lavg, Leq, min, max, etc. It also stores a time history of the sound levels.

Kit Contents

The Integrating Combination Kit includes the following:

  • doseBadge Pro noise dosimeter(s)
  • doseBadge Charger and USB Dock
  • CR162B Logging, Integrating Sound Level Meter
  • CR514 Sound Level Calibrator
  • NoiseTools Software
  • Strong, weatherproof carry case
  • Calibration certificates for meter, dosimeters and calibrator

Everything needed for a full occupational noise survey is included with this noise kit. The sound level meter meets all the requirements for a detailed and complete noise survey. The dosimeters also meet the requirements of the regulations. The result is the ability to make either a full manual survey or a full noise dosimetry based assessment.


The Integrating Combination Kit is for occupational noise surveys and worker noise exposure assessments. A full noise risk assessment can be carried out using either the noise dosimeters or the hand held sound level meter, but there are benefits of using one over the other depending on the environment and type of noise measurements being made.

The hand-held meter is also suitable for other applications, which you can read about on the Optimus Red Sound Level Meter page.

For other meters and factory noise monitors please visit our Occupational Noise page.

doseBadge Pro Noise Dosimeter

The noise dosimeter(s) included in this kit measure a worker's noise exposure or noise dose throughout the work shift. Rather than measuring at each location or following the worker round and then calculating the exposure, the doseBadge does that for you.

Sound Level Meter

The sound level meter in this kit can be used for making spot checks at positions of interest. These spot checks can then be used to calculate a worker's noise exposure.

The doseBadge Pro Noise Dosimeter

The doseBadge Pro is a small noise dosimeter that mounts on the worker's shoulder in order to measure noise exposure throughout the working shift. It is fully self-contained, with rechargeable battery and microphone built in.

The noise dosimeter is fixed to the worker's clothing or overalls using the clips provided. Once running it continuously measures the sound levels, recording the levels every second and calculating the total noise exposure in line with the occupational noise regulations.

This is the Pro version of the doseBadge, so it includes extra functionality such as octave band filters, multiple channels and fast charge time. It is suitable for use in all international occupational noise regulations in case you need to use it in different regions.

Noise Dosimeter

doseBadge Pro
doseBadge Pro Noise Dosimeter

Sound Level Meter

This Combination Kit includes the CR162B Optimus Red Sound Level Meter. This is a Type 2 Integrating sound level meter, so it is suitable for carrying out a full occupational noise survey in its own right. If you only need a hand-held meter and not the noise dosimeters then this meter can be bought on its own on the Optimus Red page.

While the doseBadge has a very specific application - measuring a worker's noise exposure - this Optimus Red sound level meter can be used for many other noise applications. It is suitable for checking office noise and alarm levels.

If you need to measure occupational noise and environmental noise then the Environmental and Occupational Combination Kit may be a better option as it includes a Type 1 sound level meter with extra environmental noise measurement parameters.

Optimus Red Sound Level Meter

optimus red sound level meter
Optimus Sound Level Meter


The CMB162B/x Combination Kits include the NoiseTools software, which provides the following functions:

  • doseBadge and sound level meter configuration
  • Set noise measurement timers
  • Download noise measurements
  • Link measurements to workers, locations and jobs
  • View noise charts and tables
  • Produce occupational noise reports

There is no extra charge for the NoiseTools software and it can be installed on multiple computers without the need for extra licences. You can read more about this software's features and the meters it supports on the NoiseTools Software page.

Typical Noise Reports

doseBadge App

An application for mobile phones or tablets can be used to control the doseBadge Pro and view ongoing noise measurements. This app is also free of charge.

doseBadge Pro Noise Dosimeter Specifications

StandardsIEC 61252 Personal Sound Exposure Meters
ANSI S1.25 Personal Noise Dosimeters
RangeRMS: 60 to 140 dB(A), Peak: 80 to 143 dB
Octave BandsReal-time, 63Hz to 8kHz
ParametersDate/time, Leq, Lavg, TWA, LEP,d, Lex,8, %Dose, Peak
CommunicationBluetooth to mobile app, USB to computer
ProgrammableExchange rate, criterion level & time, Threshold, Time Weighting
Logging1 second or 1 minute time history (user selectable)
Dimensions66 x 43 x 53mm, 2.54" x 1.69" x 2.01"

For more detailed specifications please visit the doseBadge Pro Noise Dosimeter page.

CR162B Sound Level Meter Specifications

StandardsIEC 61672 Class 2
ANSI S1.4 Type 2
Range20 to 140 dB
Freq. WeightingA, C and Z
Time WeightingFast, Slow and Impulse
Time History10ms, 62.5ms, 100ms, 125ms, 250ms, 1/2 sec, 1 sec or 2 sec
ConfigExchange rate, threshold, criterion level and time
Memory4 GB
Power4 x AA batteries

For more detailed specifications please visit the CR162B Sound Level Meter page.