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Sound Level Calibrators - Class 1 and Class 2

NoiseMeters can provide a range of calibrators suitable for the field calibration of sound level meter and noise dosimeter products.

These calibrators are suitable for use with all our range of professional grade sound level meters and noise dosimeters.

You would generally use a Class 1 calibrator with a Class 1 sound level meter, and a Class 2 calibrator with a Class 2 meter. All these calibrators meet the IEC 60943 and ANSI S1.40 standards.

Which Calibrator?

For environmental noise surveys you would generally be using a Class 1 sound level meter. In this case the CR515 Calibrator is the most suitable choice. This calibrator operates at 94 dB, which is the default calibration level for most sound level meters.

For occupational noise assessments you would usually be using a Class 2 meter, so one of the Class 2 calibrators is the correct choice. The CR514 Calibrator operates at 94 dB, which is the default cal level for many sound level meters. The CR516 Calibrator also operates at 114 dB, which is the default level for many noise dosimeters. The reason for the higher level option is for those times when you need to check the meter in an environment with high background noise, although it is good practice to avoid this if possible.

The CR514, CR515, CR516 and CR517 Calibrators

The CR500 series calibrators are small, hand-held devices that fit over the sound level meter's microphone and produce an accurate tone. The meter can then be adjusted to read correctly - with modern meters this adjustment is usually automatic.

Power is provided by a single 9V battery and the calibrator is switched on using a push button.

The CR516 and CR517 calibrators offer two output levels: 94 dB and 114 dB.